Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye Uses Highway Patrol as Personal Limo and Security Service

Chief justice caught on camera using costly CHP security service for taxi, shopping and exotic junkets 


ABC News10 in Sacramento has caught California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye in the act of using the California Highway Patrol as a personal taxi and security service at taxpayer expense.

Emmy Award winning News10 investigative reporter Thom Jensen and his photographer tailed Cantil-Sakauye and her personal, armed CHP officer and driver to her home in a gated community in the Sacramento area. As the video above records, Jensen received an inhospitable reception from the chief justice and her CHP valet. At minute 1:40 of the clip, former 3rd District Court of Appeal Justice Arthur Scotland is caught on camera telling a lie to cover for Cantil-Sakauye - his long-time former colleague from Sacramento County Superior Court, the Third District Appellate Court, and the Deukmejian administration.

On camera, Scotland called the now-verified accusations "complete nonsense, totally inaccurate."

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Former undercover cop Art "Bones" Scotland strikes a pose
 with the fruits of a drug bust.
A former undercover cop, Art Scotland has boasted about his skills in lying and deception. "I've bought a lot of dope in my life...all lawfully, but I've bought a lot of dope...And you have to be an actor, you have to play the game," Scotland said in a 2011 interview. "We actually made an arrest of a Hell's Angel guy, and I found some Hell's Angel cards. So I have a membership card in the Hell's Angels, and my nickname was 'Bones' 'cause I was this real skinny kid." Click here to read the transcript of Scotland's life story recounted over a nearly three-hour interview conducted by his buddy and right-wing ideologue George Nicholson, still a 3rd District Court of Appeal justice.  

"Bones" kept his acting skills polished, and years later while wearing the black robe of a 3rd District Court of Appeal justice was caught giving deceptive, dishonest testimony while under oath at the Commission on Judicial Performance misconduct prosecution of controversial and criminally convicted Sacramento Family Court Judge Peter McBrien. Scotland falsely testified that his long-time friend and coworker "Pete" McBrien had a lower-than-average court of appeal reversal rate.

Scotland’s testimony in defense of McBrien was cited by the CJP as a mitigating factor that reduced McBrien’s ultimate punishment, allowing him to remain on the bench. Sacramento Family Court reform advocates were outraged at Scotland's pivotal role for the McBrien defense team during the CJP prosecution. Click here to view the whistleblower leaked transcript of Scotland’s perjurious CJP testimony about McBrien’s reversal rate. Click here to read the complete, whistleblower leaked transcript of Scotland’s sworn testimony before the CJP.

After his retirement, Scotland also admitted breaking state law by practicing law without a license following his graduation from McGeorge Law School. Click here to view Scotland’s confession. And like most judges who come from a law enforcement background, the former undercover cop and prosecutor has always been clueless when it comes to recognizing conflicts of interest. In 2012, Scotland was pressured to resign from his position as chair of the Judicial Council Strategic Evaluation Committee for a conflict that had to be brought to his attention. To read Scotland's resignation letter, click here.

For more about Scotland's checkered career in government, and corruption, collusion and conflicts of interest at the 3rd District Court of Appeal, click here.

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